Seth Sparkling NV 750ml
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Esses Seth Sparkling NV 750ml
This Méthode Traditionnelle is a true lovely lively sparkling. With its pale straw colour, captivating aromas of floral and citrus notes, a palate that balances fruit flavours and acidity, and a finish that combines mineral and coastal elements, it offers a complete and memorable tasting experience.
Time on lees: 4 years     Dosage: 6g/l          Number of Bottles: 1659
This Méthode Traditionnelle graces the glass as fine bubbles rise in a dance of celebration. The bubbles are elegant, lending a vivacious and energetic quality to the wine. Like shooting stars, they dazzle and dance, enhancing the visual and sensory experience.
Floral notes take centre stage, with delicate hints of jasmine and chamomile tea infusing the air. A touch of lemongrass adds a lively citrus zest, while the essence of lime zest dances playfully, evoking a sense of freshness. Subtle wafts of pastry biscuit and lime curd intertwine, adding a layer of decadence to the aromatic experience.
The first sip reveals a delightful combination of flavours that mirror the aromatic journey. The floral character continues to enchant, with honeysuckle blossoms that intermingles with the other notes. The crispness of red apple adds a freshness, while the zesty grapefruit pith provides a pleasant acidity. Together, they create a vibrant medley of flavours that invigorates the senses.


A hint of flint adds a mineral character that adds depth and complexity. The subtle salinity and gentle sea breeze evoke a coastal serenity. These elements contribute to a refreshing and lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

Technical Notes:


Grapes:                                85% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Noir

Residual Sugar:                 5.77g/L

Total Acidity:                     6.2g/L

pH:                                         3.50

Alcohol:                               12.0%

Other:                                   Vegan Friendly, Low Sulphite

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