Akitu Arête
Pinot Noir 2018 750ml

Akitu Arête Pinot Noir 2018 750ml

Ancient Greek: ρετή, romanized: aretḗ) a concept that refers to "excellence" of any kind, especially "full realization of potential or inherent function.” 

French: An arête is a thin, jagged crest that separates, or that once separated, two adjacent glaciers. These rugged ridgelines often look like serrated knives or saw blades, with steep sides and a sharp crest.


Akitu: Arête, a pinot noir of exceptional distinction and unparalleled excellence, beyond being just a wine; it embodies a philosophy of uniqueness and individuality.


Crafted as the result of meticulous hand tending to very special vines that have long been revered for their consistent and distinctive beguiling character but only the very special parcels that show through in the barrel classification and blending process, Akitu Arête is born from the harmonious convergence of different elements. Fermented by clone and by block in small batches to ensure homogeneity, each barrel of Arête tells its own story as it matures in carefully selected old oak barrels, gaining nuanced complexities over time.


At the heart of Arete lies the pursuit of perfection through embracing the unexpected. Occasionally, in exceptional vintages, some barrels emerge from the aging process, capturing our attention with their extraordinary character. These rare finds are the essence of Arete's limited cuvées, each offering a glimpse into a truly unique and exclusive expression of our winemaking craft.


We invite you to experience the magic of discovery and the allure of mystery. No technical notes, no clone specifications - just the pure essence of exceptional wine waiting to be savored and celebrated. Embrace the extraordinary. Embrace Arete.

Minimum order: 6 bottles across Akitu's range.


Price based on case of any 15x 750ml bottles, all-inclusive of freight, taxes, duty and insurance from NZ Producer to your door in Australia. All prices based on live exchange rate.

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