Domaine Thomson
Rows 1 - 37 MAGNUM Pinot Noir 2017 1.5l

Domaine Thomson Rows 1 - 37 MAGNUM Pinot Noir 2017 1.5l

Behind the Bottle 

Rows 1 - 37  Pinot Noir 2017


Grapes only from 37 rows in the vineyard, this single Pinot Noir Dijon 777 clone is a combination of finesse and power. 


Our ‘Clonal Selection’ “Rows Series” Pinot Noir wines are only produced in exceptional years with the only previous vintages produced were in 2014. 

Tasting Notes: Supremely elegant Pinot Noir with cherry, violet, roast chestnut and spicy oak flavours. The wine has power but delivers it subtlety. Can be appreciated now but will improve with age." Bob Campbell MW

Pinot Noir Spotlight via Riversun Nursery, by Nick Hoskins.  

In the field The information on Pinot Noir 777 in the ENTAVINRA® catalogue describes the clone as having low to medium fertility with medium to small clusters and medium to small berries. In New Zealand, 777 does have small bunches and berries; it is also low cropping and early ripening. The growth of 777 is less vigorous than many of the other Pinot Noir clones, and the fruit set can be variable – especially in cool conditions.

In the winery The winemaking information from ENTAV-INRA® describes 777 as having strong aromas with good structure and well-balanced tannins. In New Zealand, the response to the early import of 777 (via Martinborough Vineyard) has been mixed: it is often described as a solid performer but not noted by many winemakers as their “standout” clone. There’s an emerging consensus that 777 appreciates some hot temperatures during the ripening phase. Most site dependent, with a different character depending where planted. It can offer fruit that is red, lifted and ethereal, or darker and fleshy. Similar to 115. High color, nice tannins, and aromatic. Good ratio between fruitflesh and berry skin so a higher aroma and color extraction can be achieved. Perfect for aging. 

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