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What is the relationship between Wine Collective Direct and nzwinehome?

Wine Collective Direct is powered by nzwinehome.

WCD's sister company, nzwinehome, has partnered with hundreds of producers across NZ for their Direct to International Consumer export needs for almost two decades.

Built on this strong foundation, WCD delivers an e-commerce platform for NZ producers to sell premium wine directly to consumers overseas, with the trusted partner of nzwinehome to manage the compliance, fulfilment, and freight to international destinations across the globe.

Do I need to be an existing nzwinehome customer?

No, Wine Collective Direct is open to any producer or winery that wishes to sell wine directly to consumers overseas.

How quickly can I start selling on WCD?

The simple set up process involves: providing your company information, setting up your e-cellar door and wines/pricing. In total, this may take around 30 mins - 1 hour. 

For producers who are not currently using nzwinehome export services, there will be an additional approval period of approx. 24 hours.  

Click here to get started on our Registration page.

Where do you ship?

WCD can ship to Australia, USA, UK (including Northern Ireland & other UK non-mainland destinations), Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.





What is the registration process?

Please navigate to the Registration Page, and select an option:

Are you an existing nzwinehome customer?  (Yes or No)

YES - Existing nzwinehome customer account details will be pulled across into your WCD account, and you'll automatically be sent to your dashboard upon logging in. From there, you can begin to set up your e-cellar door and wines.

NO - For new Producers, once you provide account details, we will approve your account within approx 1-2 days. Upon approval, you'll receive a notification to log in and complete setting up your e-cellar door.

What are the fees?

As a simplified shipping solution: there is no cost for Producers to establish their e-Cellar Door and no success fees/commissions applied to producer sales.

As is standard practice across all modes of freight forwarding & courier activities. Expenses related to the compliance clearing and wide-ranging global handling surcharges are always the responsibility of the products owner.  

In completing the personal export & import ‘on behalf’ of end customer, the products owner. WCD incurs and directly pays a range of shipping related surcharges and compliance expenses. Without following this process the end customer would invariably encounter significant disruption, and incur considerable extra costs to complete their international wine delivery.

As a positive of the WCD model, to avoid the experience of deciphering constantly changing surcharges, taxes, duties and compliance clearance costs. WCD deducts 8.65% as cost recovery from the producers net sales proceeds. Producers at their discretion can incorporate these genuine shipping related costs into their pricing model. Please click here for more detail.

How do I set up my e-Cellar Door?

Once you have registered or logged in, you'll land on a producer dashboard in the CMS of the website.

From here you can set up and edit your e-Cellar Door and wines at anytime. Your e-Cellar Door will not be public until you send to our team for approval. 

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your e-cellar door and wines will be emailed to your Log-in email address. You can also find these documents in the Support page linked to your Dashboard.

Is there a contract term and can I take down my e-cellar door temporarily?

There is no contract term and you cancel or deactivate e-Cellar Door at any time.

Can I share the link to my WCD e-cellar door with my existing overseas customers?

You can link from your website directly to your e-cellar door on WCD.

You can also embed a link within social media, eDms or other marketing campaigns to send customers directly to your store to purchase.

This is your internationally enabled e-cellar door to promote as you wish.

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