Alpha Domus
The Wingwalker Organic Viognier 2023 750ml

Alpha Domus The Wingwalker Organic Viognier 2023 750ml

Viognier has the narrowest of windows to harvest the fruit at optimal flavour, sugar and acidity. The best flavours come right at the end of ripening and can dissipate quickly if left too long, luckily our Viognier is located right next to the winery. Fermented with selected yeasts that maximise aromatic potential in Viognier, then matured on light yeast lees for a fuller smoother mouthfeel. An enticing bouquet of floral aromas, freesia and honey suckle, along with peach and orange blossom. A dry finish, complemented by soft acidity and long lasting flavours. It's delightful as an aperitif and an enjoyable compliment to your seafood, white meats and vegetable dishes.  

Minimum order: 3 bottles across Alpha Domus' range.


Price based on case of any 15x 750ml bottles, all-inclusive of freight, taxes, duty and insurance from NZ Producer to your door in Australia. All prices based on live exchange rate.

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