Easthope Family Winegrowers

Singular wines with an element of profundity are only created through the efforts and skills of vested hands. 

We love the soil, the toil, and the spoils of the intertwining of family and terroir.

Our wines are unburdened by expectation, and instead seek to expose that invisible sensory thread from your glass to our stone laden site. 

Perched above the Ngaruroro River in the Mangatahi district of Hawke’s Bay, our land is the foundation for our young family to grow and is the essence of our wines.

We treasure freedom over approval. Our wines are not burdened by expectation or convention. 

We tread lightly on our land, whereby viticulture is only a small part of the overall ecology. In the winery, we only do that which is necessary. This results in wines uncluttered by artefact or fashion. Instead they transparently convey their site and vintage derived character.

Our real challenge is to create the time and space to reflect and enjoy this wonderful place with our children, family and friends.

If you would like to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Rod, Emma, Stanley, Baxter & Ralph

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