Grand Coeur Sparkling 2015 750ml
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Esses Grand Coeur Sparkling 2015 750ml


Prepare to be enchanted by the elegance of this aged vintage Methode traditionnelle. From its captivating golden appearance to its inviting aromas of floral honeysuckle, almond, nougat, pinenut, and toasty brioche, it sets the stage for a luxurious tasting experience. The palate delights with the succulent flavours of nectarine, ripe peach, grapefruit, quince, and warmed buttered brioche, captivating with each sip. The fine, slow-rising bubbles add an element of grace, enhancing the wine’s elegance and texture. With its extensive aging on lees and limited bottle release, this Methode Traditionnelle embodies sophistication and exclusivity, ensuring an unforgettable journey of refined indulgence

This sparkling has undergone an impressive aging process of 7 years on lees, showcasing the dedication and patience required to achieve its exceptional quality. Hand-pressed in a Traditional wooden basket press, it reflects the artistry and attention to detail of methode traditionelle production. With less than 500 bottles released, it represents a rare and precious find, making every sip a truly exclusive experience.


This aged vintage Blanc de Blanc reveals a gorgeous golden colour, casting a radiant glow that captivates the eye and speaks of timeless elegance and refinement. Fine bubbles rise gracefully, ascending through the wine with a slow and gracious ascent.


Delicate notes of floral honeysuckle and white blossom dance gracefully, radiating an aura of refined beauty. A symphony of almonds, nougat, pinenuts, and macadamia nuts intertwine, creating a tapestry of nutty richness. Toasted nuances and the heavenly scent of freshly baked brioche envelop the senses, tantalizing the nose with their irresistible allure.


Nectarines and perfectly ripe peaches engage the taste buds, imparting a luscious and velvety fruitiness. The vibrant essence of grapefruit adds a refreshing zest, while quince lends a subtle tartness and a captivating complexity. Warmed buttered brioche creates a luxurious sensation, evoking a sense of indulgence and sophistication.



The enduring palate continues to enthral, revealing layers of flavour that continue to evolve and captivate, showcasing the wine's remarkable depth. Each delicate bubble enhances the Methode traditionnelle texture, providing a silky and opulent mouthfeel that elevates the overall experience.

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