The Doctors'
Rosé 2022 750ml

The Doctors' Rosé 2022 750ml

Rosé Nights, Rosy Mornings!

All too often, the best things in life come with a catch. And that’s certainly been true of wine in the past, with fabulous nights spent enjoying mouth-watering creations often leading to some of the longest, most challenging mornings ever!

That all seemed a bit cruel to us, so we set ourselves a challenge – to reduce the alcohol content of wine while not just retaining every ounce of flavour, but enhancing it.

Using our own innovative processes, we’ve mastered the art of producing delicious, full-flavoured, lower-alcohol wines. At just 9.5% alcohol, our award-winning Rosé is a light and lively summer drink. Fresh strawberries, ripe red cherry and aromatic herbs create an explosion of flavour, while the crisp, dry finish caps off an exhilarating tasting experience.

Naturally produced using sustainable methods, it’s the perfect modern drink for staying sharp while socialising with friends.

The Doctors' – All the fun, and better for you.

Minimum order: 6 bottles across Forrest Wines' range.


Price based on case of any 15x 750ml bottles, all-inclusive of freight, taxes, duty and insurance from NZ Producer to your door in Australia. All prices based on live exchange rate.

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