Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2013 375ml

Hunter's Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2013 375ml

The opulent golden colour gives a clue to what you’re in for. Rich lush aromas fill the glass with stewed apricot and peach, a touch of citrus and orange peel. The palate is immediately bursting with luscious sweetness and a full texture. The wine shows incredible concentration of flavour.


Short and intense is the best way to describe the grape harvesting of 2013. The fine weather worked in our favour throughout the entire season, including during the critical flowering, ripening and harvest period. As the harvester moved from block to block there was no stopping, the weather was good; flavours were right and within a 3-week period all fruit was safely in the winery. Yields hit targets on all varieties rating the 2013 season up there with the best.


At Hunter’s our goal is to preserve all the fresh characters we taste in the vineyard. We study all the fruit very carefully before deciding when to pick – we only have one chance each year. We pick in the cool of the morning and process the fruit under anaerobic conditions. The tank is frozen concentrating the juice. This is done by freezing the water allowing the grape juice to be run off leaving the ice behind in the tank. The juice is then frozen for a second time further increasing the brix. This resulting juice is then fermented until we achieve the correct balance between alcohol, sugar and acid.



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