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Welcome to Jules Taylor Wines

New Zealand Winemaker of the Year in 2021, Jules is the eponymous winemaker at Jules Taylor Wines, the Queen of Sauvignon Blanc and godmother to several hundred thousand little grapes. She’s a straight talker who’s also a darn nice person.

Born in the year the first vines were planted in Marlborough, Jules has literally grown up with Sauvignon Blanc and is deeply invested in her region and its grape-growing families.

Several life-affirming vintages in Italy underscored Jules’ strong belief that wine should be more about creating great memories with family and friends and less about status or cellaring potential.

Creating honest, tasty, fruit-packed Marlborough wines is what Jules does best. Her wine is for people who laugh. People who sing, dance, feast and celebrate. People who sit out on the back deck solving the world’s problems.

Born in Marlborough in the year the first vines were planted, Jules has literally grown up with Sauvignon Blanc. Deeply invested in the region and its grape growing families, she has made some of Marlborough’s best known and successful wines.

These days, with the help of some decidedly tasty grapes, Jules handcrafts a small yet feisty collection of top quality wines.

They are great memories in a bottle, created with sunshine from Marlborough and love from Jules.

"Reliably brilliant, year after year... One of our winemaking titans."

- Liz Wheadon, General Manager, Glengarry Wines

"One of Marlborough's most exciting producers."

- Yvonne Lorkin

"To suggest she's mastering Sauvignon Blanc is a serious understantement." 

- Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier

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