Welcome to Steve Bird Wines 

Sowing a future of manākitanga

Manāki whenua, manāki tangata, haere whakamua. 
If we take care of the earth and take care of people, we will take care of the future.

Steve Bird Wines is a small family owned and operated business built on manākitanga. A generosity of spirit toward the land and each other. The foundation of sharing and caring.  The Steve Bird range are our signature wines. Hand-selected parcels of grapes are crafted by Steve to capture the qualities of a specific, exceptional location and to reflect nature’s unique influence with every vintage.

We at Steve Bird Wines are driven by a deep connectedness with the earth and its sustainability, and an inherent belief that of greatest importance, is the relationships we form with each other. As a small, close knit family of four, whānau is integral to our family-run winery and our personal approach to winemaking, from the gate front to the bottle. Our family, our business family and you our customers are all interwoven into our story. That is why every bottle of Steve Bird Wine carries the traditional Māori weave, the ancient art of storytelling – the Tukutuku. You become part of the Bird whānau and our tukutuku when you gather together with your family and friends, to share food and wine in that same spirit of manākitanga.



Steve Bird is one of New Zealand’s
most acclaimed winemakers.

His wines have won numerous gold medals and other awards, both in New Zealand and abroad and have also featured on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list, including Wine Spectator magazine’s highest-scoring Sauvignon Blanc ever – at 93 points.

The "rare and intriguing species” is Bird Wine's catch-phrase. 

"...Steve Bird is indeed a rare animal with over 30 years of experience in the wine industry here in New Zealand as well as overseas. The wines show real class, finesse and style that only comes about from experience allied to skill and a sense of art." 
-Raymond Chan

Great wines are made in the vineyards and great winemakers embrace this principle as the foundation upon which their craft is built.

“The wine is a pure expression of the vineyard, vintage and variety. For a single-vineyard producer, the vineyard stays the same, but the vintage differs.”
-Steve Bird

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