Welcome to Ayrburn Wines

Hand-picked from New Zealand's best wine growing regions, lovingly crafted into nuanced flavours, aromas and complexities, award-winning Ayrburn wines hold a story in every glass.  

From Single Vineyards to Your Glass

Our commitment to excellence begins with our vineyards. We source our wines from the finest single vineyards, meticulously chosen for their perfect altitude and stunning surroundings. These vineyards are a treasure trove of character, where the grapes are handpicked and lovingly cultivated.

A True Expression of Terroir

In every bottle, you'll discover the purest expression of terroir – the unique combination of soil, climate, and tradition that breathes life into the grapes. It's a story that's etched in every sip, a journey that transports you to the very heart of the region.

Be transported around Central Otago's sub-regions with a tasting at Ayrburn Cellar Door.  Let our wine hosts share our stories and our place with you. 

The Best of the Best

We believe in choosing the best of the best, allowing the character of each vineyard to shine through. It's a commitment to quality that ensures that every wine we serve is an exceptional representation of the region's winemaking prowess.

Winemaker Jody Pagey and Wine Consultant Sophie Parker-Thomson bring their wealth of knowledge and love of the grape to our winemaking process.  Choosing vineyards that align with our values, deciding on styles that reflect Ayrburn and the vintage and tentatively and lovingly caress it so it can truly reflect its terroir is their task.  They both follow a 'hands off' approach as much as possible to allow this. 

We have over 5 varietals of wine and explore different styles within those varietals to bring you something new and interesting.  We have 5 different styles of Pinot Noir to explore and have something for those new to Pinot Noir and those who consider themselves connoisseurs.  

Set on 60 hectares of pristine farmland, Ayrburn has been a labour of love and over 160 years in the making.  With history comes stories and we tell our stories through our wines.  We invite you to sit with us and share these stories, take them home with you and your wine and start to create your own.  


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