The death of Von Tempsky Riesling 2022 750ml

Carrick The death of Von Tempsky Riesling 2022 750ml

Fresh, delicious, lime zest, with a phenolic bite.

The Von Tempsky is a natural wine made from Riesling bunches, left un-pressed for 170 days on skins in this case. It’s a skinsy, phenolic white wine, with plenty of sediment. Bottled by hand at the winery under natural cork, and with a beeswax seal.

As a result of the winemaking, this riesling’s citrus and floral aromas are at the fore, with tropical notes to boot. It’s waxy, dense, dry to taste, and left unfiltered, unfined and without additions.

The Death of Von Tempsky was a wine born of the label, an artwork that the original owner of Carrick, Steve Green, admired. It speaks of a contrast between ancient themes in a modern setting. From which the lines of this wine were formed. An ancient concept of fermenting grapes whole and allowing time for the wine to develop on it’s own, in a modern winery.

"Florality, chamomile, citrus, roasted pineapple, orange skin. The acidity runs through this like an electric current, jolting the senses awake with powerful chewiness and a perception of spritz, yet a sense of delicacy under the frame. Time sees this fatten up, becoming rounder with pineapple, sherbet and preserved lemon getting the juices flowing." - Mark Henderson, Otago Daily Times -

Minimum order: 3 bottles across Carrick's range.


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