The Nectar Late Harvest 2023 375ml
New Release

Dunleavy The Nectar Late Harvest 2023 375ml

As the grape begins to raisin and its skin starts to shrivel, the juice concentrates and the flavours intensify forming the true grape nectar.

In 2023 particular parcels of our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were carefully left out to hang late into the season. This allowed the raisins to form and the natural sugar levels and flavours to intensify.

From there our late harvest rosé was formed. A delicious rosé nectar to accompany delectable culinary treats.


375ml bottle - 1250 produced.

Alcohol: 9.5 %  2.8 Standard drinks Allergen info: Contains sulphites. 

Minimum order: 3 bottles across Te Motu Vineyard's range.


Price based on case of any 15x 750ml bottles, all-inclusive of freight, taxes, duty and insurance from NZ Producer to your door in Australia. All prices based on live exchange rate.

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