GROVES & Filly

Amoung New Zealand's true hidden gems, winemaker Simon Groves creates unique wines, each bottle telling its own story of passion, vision, dedication and technical understanding. 

"These wines are like hidden treasures and very hard to find. So if you find them, make sure you enjoy every moment. You won't regret it!"  Alcides P Neto 

For those who seek the extraordinary, Simon Groves' wines promise a voyage of discovery, a testament to the boundless possibilities that await within each bottle.

"I have studied, trained, and worked in environments where the technical approach was the route to achieving the best results. Over the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work for and collaborate with some truly outstanding winemaking experts. Many of them have started veering away from traditional winemaking methods by discarding certain elements of the winemaking tool kit and adopting a more innovative approach to crafting their wines.

The excitement and allure of this "new age" in winemaking lie in observing the unfolding process. It involves not getting too engrossed in every single step taken to reach the final outcome, but rather gently guiding it in the "right" direction along the way."



" How about their Pinot Noir? Let me tell you, even the connoisseurs thought they were savoring a Pommard that was over ten years old!" 

Al Waiheke

"We sampled many delicious wines in New Zealand, and we still think that your wines were among the best from all of our tastings."

Bob USA 

"Found this beautiful Lagrein in my local wine show. Very Good."

James Suckling USA 

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