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First plantings were in 1992 and just less than 8 acres were planted. The remaining three acres were planted in 2005 and 2006.

As we head towards retirement we have sold the back blocks of our vineyard but have fruit contracts in place for as long as we want to make wine. We have retained the front block of Pinot Noir closest to the tasting room and our home.

The first vintage was 1997 with the first wine, a Pinot Noir, released in October 1998. In 1999 the 1998 Pinot Noir collected a Silver medal at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards and in 2000 the 1999 Pinot Noir collected a Gold medal at the same awards. In 2008 our Gewürztraminer, which at last qualified on quantity, was awarded a Bronze medal. In May 2009 it was also awarded a ‘Commended’ at the London International Wine Challenge. In 2015 we stopped entering international and local wine competitions as we had proved our point – we make good wine!

Haythornthwaite Wines aims to produce high quality award winning wines. Our wine philosophy begins in the vineyard. We believe that quality wines can only be made from the best fruit we can grow through sustainable vineyard management.

All work in the vineyard of pruning, bud rubbing, fruit thinning, leaf plucking and harvesting is done by hand. The vineyard uses black lock-out netting to protect the harvest from the birds. We no longer use diesel burners as frost protection.


Add in customer testimonials or wine reviews.

Add in customer testimonials or wine reviews.

Add in customer testimonials or wine reviews.

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