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Pink Noise Rose Pinot Noir 2023 750ml

The Boneline Pink Noise Rose Pinot Noir 2023 750ml



North Canterbury’s warm start to the 2022 vintage was welcome after the challenging frost events of 2021. Bud burst was reasonably early in late September. This was followed by frequent rain events up to flowering, which raised disease pressure throughout the district. This weather also resulted in a patchy flowering and this set a smaller crop for the 2022 harvest. The warm start was tempered by cool weather in the new year as growing degree days dropped significantly to the long term average. This cool weather dragged out the ripening process but allowed for extra vine- yard work with increased canopy management and some crop thinning to make sure the fruit had minimal damage from disease and the crop load could be ripened. Settled weather during harvest allowed for very careful picking deci- sions and the resulting wines are true to site and season. There was still the shadow of covid hanging over this harvest and it was essential for covid infections to be handled responsibly, through good planning and teamwork we managed this extra challenge.


This year’s Pink Noise Rose’ is made up of four varieties Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Our organically grown grapes are hand harvested, kept as single vari- eties then whole bunch pressed gently over 5 hours. The juice is settled overnight before being racked off gross solids taking only fluffy lees. Except for 10% of the Pinot Noir, which was held at 2 degrees for stabilisation over 7 days -this involves stir- ring the lees in the juice every 12 hours for 7 days, thereby increas- ing the aromatics and the texture in the resulting wine. Fermentation is allowed to proceed slowly at low temperature and stopped when the sugar, acid, alcohol and phenolics are in balance. All batches are fermented in stainless steel except for the Merlot, which is all fer- mented and aged in old French oak barrels. The wine is racked and spends 6 months on fine lees before bottling.



Pale pink and rose gold. Delicate notes of wild strawberries, crushed redcurrants, freshly sliced watermelon with underlying citrus and hits of passionfruit seed. On the palate we find fresh red berries followed by ripe melon and subtle peach, the mid palate is creamy, textural and juicy - bal- anced by a delicate grapefruit and mineral combination providing a cleansing dry finish which lingers well after the wine is gone. Tech CF 39.11% PN 38.10% CS 14.67% ME 8.12% Pinot Noir: Picked 31/03/22 pH: 3.39 TA: 7.57 Brix: 20.66 Merlot: Picked 27/04/22 pH: 3.32 TA: 6.94 Brix: 20.38 Cabernet Franc: Picked 5/05/22 pH: 3.35 TA: 7.13 Brix: 21.50 Cabernet Sauvignon: Picked 5/05/22 pH: 3.28 TA: 7.90 Brix: 20.48 Final Wine: Bottled 18/08/22 pH: 3.43 TA: 6.30 Alc: 12.6% RS 3.5g/L Made with Vegan Friendly Products
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